Feb 6, 2018

10 Signs You're Late To Reading A Book

Shoutout to That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting the weekly Top Ten Tuesday. Since we have already done numerous other posts on out TRB piles, we have changed this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic to lateness. It's sort of related. What can we say? We break the rules here.


If you have been on this blog before, you may have noticed that I am always late with my posts (this one unfortunately included). Well, sometimes the same thing happens with hyped/popular books. You really, really plan to read them right away but then, SHINY NEW BOOK!!! Here are some signs you have put off that book for far too long.

1. The movie comes out 

and you never read the book, but everyone else has, even your dad's brother-in-law's uncle twice removed. You know, the one who doesn't trust the internet. 

2. Your non-reader friends start asking questions.

You read right? What did you think of *insert book title here*? Then you have to try to calmly explain how you haven't read all the books but have heard really, really good things about it.  

3.  Everyone is bookstagramming it

except you... you know, if you are into the whole bookstagram thing, or as my dad put it "decorating books with lights instead of reading them," like I am. I'm not addicted, you're addicted. 

4. You have to remind your bookish friends not to spoil the book

and they judge you for it.  What do you mean you STILL haven't read it? 

5. You have had the book on your Goodreads TBR for more than a few years.

It's not that easy to keep up with all the new books coming out when anything remotely interesting must be added to the list. 

6. Your friends told you to read it in high school

and you are now in college and still haven't read it and they are filming the movie/TV show.

7. Your parents recommend it

and the title sounds familiar but you know you haven't read it (please tell me I'm not the only person this happens to).

8. Your book doesn't match the book everyone else has

because the publisher decided to reprint using different artwork over the years. 

9. Everyone cheers when you start reading it

and questions where you are every time they see you reading it. Hey, have you gotten to this part yet? No, but thanks for telling what's going to happen.

10. You finally read the book and...

no one wants to talk about it because it was so long ago they don't remember what happened. But that plot twist was unforgettable!! Please remember. 

Let's chat! Are there any books you have put off reading for far too long? Mine would be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

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